The "Ground Zero Mosque" is two blocks from Ground Zero. When you're discussing that type of New York real estate, two blocks is pretty damn far. There could be twelve buildings and thousands of people between Ground Zero and the "mosque".

I realize this is hard to comprehend for ignorant conservatives who look out the window of their tacky McMansions in the culdesac and see nothing for blocks but other tacky McMansions filled with other ignorant conservatives. So let me put this in terms you can understand. A "mosque" two blocks from Ground Zero is like how you have a Wal-Mart twenty miles away from the Super Wal-Mart.

Also, the "mosque" is actually a one hundred million dollar community center that will have tons of shit, including sports facilities and a theater. But (gasp) built by Muslims! Want to dismantle all community centers sponsored by religious groups? Let's start with the Young Men's Christian Association. The mission statement of the YMCA is to promote Christianity.

Finally, to me, Ground Zero is not a symbol of brave Americans dying to protect their freedom. Ground Zero is a symbol of my federal government fucking up intelligence and how my state government fucked up so bad that they couldn't build a bus stop in ten fucking years.

You turn this into an argument about religion, and all the innocent Americans and brave soldiers died so we could be a more racist country.
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