Featuring Tim Armstrong

Here are the songs I have that feature Tim Armstrong. It's a pretty diverse playlist! I didn't include Rancid songs, solo songs, songs featuring Rancid as a whole, or music Tim Armstrong produced but didn't perform on. If you know of others please let me know. I feel like he must be on more Hellcat artists' music than I have here. Here's the whole playlist, and individual songs are linked below.

Outlaws by The Lordz This is one of my favorite songs ever. It's the first song on my favorite playlist.

My Life to Live by Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards This is a song about all the ladies Lars and Tim have sex with. Matt Freeman is on the mandolin, so this is 3/4 of Rancid.

Cat Like Thief by Box Car Racer Dude's got that annoying emo voice, but otherwise it's a very nice song.

What's Your Number by Cypress Hill Tim Armstrong yells "let's go" a lot.

Sex and Violence cover by Danny Diablo

Bridge of Gold by Devil's Brigade This is Matt Freeman's solo project. Lars is in this too. Another song with 3/4 Rancid.

Gentleman of the Road by Devil's Brigade

Dance Party Plus by Head Automatica

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing by AFI

Booted out of Hell by The King Blues Makes me have ants in my pants cause I want to dance.

The Stories Are True by Time Again This is the Hellcat band where the singer went to jail, but they kept it quiet why, either that or no one cares except for me.

City to City by Left Alone I believe Tim Armstrong has their band name (or something similar) tattooed on his forearm. I really like this band. I have all their albums on physical CD.

Saturday Night by Travis Barker This also features Rob Aston (so it's pretty much The Transplants) and Slash.

This Town by Ceci Bastida

Thank you for listening to my playlist.
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