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( Jan. 4th, 2010 12:26 pm)
Last night I had a dream that Rebecca Gayheart was a singer that had just signed with Tim Armstrong. I was walking to the concert venue with Rebecca Gayheart, Tim Armstrong, my boss from work, and a woman dressed in white who had no legs but was able to hover. When we got to the venue we had to sit outside for a while. My boss climbed up a hill looking for something, but then turned into a small sparkling disc and flew away. I went inside, where Rebecca Gayheart was arguing with the ticket window. It ends up she wasn't really a singer performing there that night, but she'd murdered the performer they had booked, in the hopes that she could fill in. Tim Armstrong said he felt betrayed and walked away. The hovering woman and I stayed and watched Rebecca Gayheart perform. She was actually pretty good.
I think I read in an interview once that Jeph and Branden got matching wrist tattoos of the word "unity". I don't suppose anyone has a picture of that on either of them? Thanks!

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