Pot Luck Magazine call for submissions (repost)

Join the conversation around the table! Let's build community in defiance of impersonal commercialism. Modern magazines are glossy and full of focused little blurbs, but to get to any fun reading you first have to wade through pages of ads. In many magazines the articles are just thinly disguised advertisements themselves! Most magazines also present an unrealistic picture of our lives. "Working Moms: You CAN do it all!," "Dream Vacations for under $10,000!" and "25 ways to please your man in bed" don't reflect the conversations we have around the table, between the pews, or at the market. How do you find a magazine that encompasses the political discussions, the book recommendations, the nostalgic reminiscing about childhood, and the funny stories we share when we're seated around a communal dinner table? You create one!

Pot Luck Magazine is a new, quarterly print community to help meet the need for reality in publication. We want YOU to come share our table!

Please consider submitting poetry, stories, articles, art, photographs, recipes, columns, tips for living well, product reviews, and classifieds-- and anything else that reflects the kind of community YOU want to have. Issues will come out quarterly. May 30th is the last submission date for the first issue, to be published June 15th.

Classifieds $5 each. If you have a skill, craft, or service, we want you to share it with us!

Electronic submissions preferred. Send to acstiebel@yahoo.com with "Pot Luck Submission" in the subject line.

First issue is free for all contributors. Subscription is $15 for 4 issues. (This helps alleviate printing and mailing costs.) Spread the word!

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