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( Dec. 29th, 2009 05:42 pm)
In 2010 I hope to adopt a child. (We're a year into the process, at the point where we're just waiting for the government to get their paperwork together.) Since adopted children come with their own names, my first act of creativity with the baby will be to give it a nickname. Naturally, it will have unique personality characteristics that will suggest its own nickname, but I'd like to be prepared with a list of possibilities to choose from. So far I have these:

Radio: For my favorite Rancid song. I could sing the song to the baby and it would think the lyrics were about how much I love it and not how much Tim Armstrong loves The Clash.

X: This would serve as an homage to two people - Malcolm X and Professor Xavier. It's also easy to write in case the child has a learning disability.

Wolverine: Who wouldn't want to be Wolverine? He is indestructible. In real life he's kind of emo but that's just because he doesn't appreciate how badass he is. This also makes reference to the Rancid song Sidekick, which is a great upbeat song about everyday heroism, if you ignore the part about killing cops. (I'm going to get so much quality parenting out of Tim Armstrong's mumbling. "Mommy, did that man say motherfucker?" "Of course not. He said unicorns.")

Fray: For the comic book character. It's actually been a while since I've read Fray so I forgot if she died in the end but she was pretty cool.

Any other suggestions?


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