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( Feb. 9th, 2010 08:31 am)
I've seen The Used four or five times now, and I have yet to see them play my favorite song, Maybe Memories. So from now until Friday I am launching a campaign to make this happen. Here is the outline of my plan of attack.

It's entirely possible that Bert's voice is too fucked up to sing this song anymore. However, as Bert doesn't understand the internet, there's little chance of offending him personally. He did an interview once where he was completely baffled by a phone, so I think we're safe. Also, as Bert has publicly stated that his pre-show ritual consists solely of smoking a lot of weed, I have little sympathy for his insides.

Twitter is our best bet. Jeph is very active on Twitter, and occasionally even asks for song suggestions.

MySpace. Dan used to be on their MySpace a lot, though I haven't heard of him replying to people recently. But someone is still cross-posting news from their website to the MySpace, so it's worth a shot.

Facebook. Again, I don't know if anyone's really reading this, but someone's cross-posting news there.

Website. You can make comments on upcoming shows. Here's the show I'm going to.

I realize this is crazy, but you know what else is crazy? War. Think about THAT.

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